Wait—I Thought I Was The Bride!

If you didn’t know by now, I am engaged to be married to this “special” (and I DO mean special) guy Bruce.  Our closest family and friends who know us best understand that we were definitely made to be together.  And while every day proves its challenges, we’re capable of tackling whatever comes our way.


But WAIT.  About this wedding…shouldn’t be too difficult besides choosing if my dress will be able to hold up my small ta-tas and going back and forth with Bruce if it should be white or ivory.  I’m getting side-tracked.  Since officially becoming engaged this past June, we have gone back and forth about the wedding date and location.  This should have been easy, but let’s list what we’re dealing with:

DATE: Our first date was originally set for June 25, 2011.  No special reason besides it being about a year away from our engagement.  However, when I mentioned to Bruce, “Hey, that’s the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death”, he didn’t want to compete with that.  From then on, it was pushed back to July 2011…and now a possible August 2011.  Why?  Think about it.  Today is September 18, and most people book venues for their weddings a year in advance.  The longer we wait, the greater possibility that many places won’t be available.

LOCATION: This should have been a piece of cake!  Get married where the bride and groom are from.  Wait.  I’m from Detroit, and Bruce is from both Oklahoma City and Dallas.  How did this happen?  (We both attended Howard University in Washington, DC together, folks.)  However, we both reside in Atlanta now.  So have it in the ATL, shawty!  Once again, pause.  To have a wedding in Atlanta, we would have to pay a pretty penny.  With a lack of financial support from family members, we would have to save save save!  In less than a year.  Hmmmm.  Okay, how about a destination wedding in the islands!  Great idea, right?  But how will everyone get there?  Don’t forget about Grandma Rudy and em who can’t leave the continental United States…

Look.  I’m losing my MIND right now.  I find myself making a lot of sacrifices and being unhappy in a sense so that I can have the wedding of my dreams.  Except, I’m worried about what works for everyone else!  Who is getting married?  Better yet, who will be stuck with the memories for a lifetime?  I only plan on doing this ONCE (yeah yeah I know everyone who is or has been married says the same thing…but this is a PROMISE).  After a brief chat with my dad, who was off on the golf course in Arizona, he placed it in a great perspective: Tell everyone to get with it or get LOST.  It is MY day and somewhat Bruce’s day as well.  So whether we get married in Atlanta, Dallas, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, it will be what I want.  As for the date, this will be up to me as well.  I’m still shooting for Summer 2011.  Whatever we decide, we hope that our closest family and friends will be there to witness a union destined in God’s plan.  Until then, look out for the “Save the Date” wedding announcements. 


The love of my life…this picture describes us.  But we’re very fun : )